Born an Indigo Child, I had a natural ability to communicate with spirit and see people as souls as opposed to people. I have struggled being a soul on earth, however, stepping into my truth as a regression therapist has enabled me to flow with my gifts and help other souls heal in their life’s purpose.

It’s not easy being gifted living a ‘muggle’ life, however, I believe this is part of the journey. My own personal journey has been somewhat weird, wonderful and painful at times. Most of my early years were spent with child psychologists as my parents thought I had too many imaginary friends, however, I understand them now as being ‘earthbound spirits’ and obviously I was not believed. Naturally I began to shut down at around 9 years old but became quite sick. Whilst shut down I continued with most of my life to the age of 17 where I was blown open through a traumatic event and was taken to see many sages and priests who could not help me. At the age of 21 I again began to open up and really struggled missing the signs. The point is that I now understand that this was part of my journey.

I was so blessed to meet some wonderful Souls from the Regression Academy which have been my “Earth Angels”. Regression therapy has not only helped me but it has allowed my natural gifts to flow freely to help assist your soul. It the most amazing therapy.

I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher and Hypnotherapist and use my combined skills in Regression work. I strongly believe in working for one’s highest good and this is what can be more powerful than anything else.